Upcoming Wolford Neon 40 Review

Fiona has been wearing Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose for years but all attempts to get MO in them has failed. Not because she doesn’t want to but every attempt to obtain a pair for her has mysteriously failed.

The first pair disappeared to never be seen again… more on that in a second.

The second pair was lost in shipment from the UK and then we got distracted with other things in life and didn’t get back to them until this week as we’re getting this blog off the ground.

After finishing the Sheertex Sheers review, I ordered yet another pair for MO to test and post with later this week and they just arrived!

And then Fiona found the pair I’d already ordered for MO in the bag of run and damaged hosiery for play use. A pair that was no longer in its package but in pristine condition and never worn. We have no idea how they got out of their package, much less into the play bag but we now have the ability to test the difference in fit between an XS and a S size.

Stay tuned, we’ll have the review out this week.

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