Feline Pride Flag

There are a lot of pride flags for almost every orientation or subculture in the non-normative kink and sexuality spaces.About a year ago, MO realized there was an egregious lack of representation of the those who identify as cats. As you can see from the list below, (gathered from TriPride Tennessee and Clare Bayley’s field guide to pride flags and Google) it seems everybody has representation, except for cats!

  • LGBTQ+ Pride Flag
  • Polysexual Pride Flag
  • Bisexual Pride Flag
  • Asexual Pride Flag
  • Demisexual Pride Flag
  • Pansexual Pride Flag
  • Transgender Pride Flag
  • Intersex Pride Flag
  • Genderqueer Pride Flag
  • Nonbinary Pride Flag
  • Lesbian Pride Flag
  • Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag
  • Fat Fetish Pride Flag
  • Straight Allies Pride Flag
  • Bear Pride Flag
  • Puppy Pride Flag
  • Pony Pride Flag
  • Leather Pride Flag
  • Rubber Pride Flag
  • Master/Slave Pride Flag
  • Feather (Drag) Pride Flag
  • Feline Furry Pride Flag

As a cat herself, this made MO quite put out and she resolved to do something about it. A year of design and refinement resulted in a completed work she is ready to share with the world.

As we were trying to determine the name for this new flag, we had a bit of a conundrum. The obvious name “Kitty Pride” is not an option due to the existence of an X-Men character of the same-ish name and “Cat Pride” just doesn’t seem to fit the fickle nature of cats. “Feline Pride” seems to best capture the independent spirit of those who have self-identified as cats.

The orange, dark gray, and white color scheme is representative of the common color palette of calico cats and the yarn captures both the whimsy and potential of mass destruction inherent in the feline personality.
MO is releasing this under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Feel free to use it as you will, as long as you don’t use it without attribution (to MedullaOblongata) or for commercial purposes without authorization. Please reach out to goodhousekinking@gmail.com if you wish to discuss licensing.

We will work in the near future with a print-on-demand shop to make Feline Pride flag merchandise available for ease of access but you can download a higher resolution version for display and an SVG file for print or derivation.

Boots and Cats Bungalow Flag
We even made our own variant as a house flag for the Boots and Cats bungalow.

Ball Gags – Sizing

It’s been a bit since we’ve posted anything. Monkey! has been busy with work and needed some downtime before returning to posting.

To start, today we’re going to talk about ball gag sizes. There are a dizzying variety of sizes and each person is different in how they can tolerate various sizes for any length of time and the aesthetics of the gag.

The gags we are discussing today are specifically silicone ball gags from Pleasure Paradox. They have interchangeable straps (good for cleaning) and a wide variety of colors and sizes. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of these over the years and we highly recommend them. They even send you a brochure that helps with sizing!

NOTE: Pleasure Paradox is not sponsoring this post. We just really like their products and the sizing options make this post possible.

These gags are all from Pleasure Paradox. Sizes featured here are 2.25″, 2.0″, 1.875″, 1.75″.
MO in a 2″ ball gag from front.

As a person with a ball gag fetish and a whole lot of kinks around mouths and gags, I’ve always found it frustrating exactly how HARD it is to actually know which gag to order. Nobody wants to order one of each size until you find the right one. I hope this post helps but, realistically, the best I can do is tell you how the sizes I have available relate to MO.

To start with, it’s probably helpful to know that MO’s mouth is 2.15″ when fully open. I know because I measured with calipers.

Size Comparison

Starting with aesthetics, The four following pictures show the difference in size of 1.75″, 1.875″, 2.0″, and 2.25″ balls.

1.75″ – It’s relatively easy to understand MO’s speech while wearing this gag.
1.875″ – It’s still reasonably easy to understand her here.
2.0″ – G and K sounds are hard to make and I was having real trouble understanding what she was saying.

MO Notes:

This (2.0″) is about the perfect size for me. I can go larger, but it’s more of a challenge just to endure it, so it becomes my main focus rather than the scene. To me, a good fit presses against the hard palate (the hard part of the roof of your mouth), but I can also bite down on it.

2.25″ – This gag is big enough that it has to be wedged behind her teeth and all the sounds are pretty much unintelligible.

MO Notes:

Pro-tip: Make sure your lip does not get caught between your teeth and the gag or the strap. That becomes painful quickly. You might have to do a bit of an open-mouthed smile when putting on the gag.

From an aesthetics point of view and reasonable effectiveness of actually, you know, effectively gagging MO… the 2.0″ is the sweet spot. It’s something she can endure for a significant period of time while still being effective.


Speaking of endurance, within a reasonable scene period, we’ve never reached the end of MO’s endurance while wearing the 2.0″ ball gag.

The 2.25″ gag, however…

The graph above shows several attempts over a couple of weeks to see how long MO could endure the 2.25″ ball gag. After the 20 minute trial, you can see a steep drop off in endurance. It took several days for her jaw to recover after pushing herself too hard on that trial!

MO Notes:

You may have found your sweet spot in sizing when you find yourself dribbling drool a lot. If it’s a bit small, you can close your lips around it and swallow, and if it’s too big it will form its own seal. This is up to preference, of course.

TMJ Considerations

Which brings us to my lest favorite topic of gags… It seems a plurality, if not a majority, of bottoms I have played with have some form of TMJ or other endurance limiting factors when playing with ball gags. This means severe discomfort very quickly for these bottoms.

I haven’t been able to determine whether pushing this limit with someone that experiences early jaw pain is safe. I also haven’t been able to determine whether endurance can be increased over time (such as the test with MO above). I can only suggest being safe and erring on the side of caution!

We’ll have more gag posts about harness gags, and panel gags, and dental gags, and inflatable gags, and… stay tuned!

Our Toy Wall

What with all this Marie Kondo hype (we’ve known about her for years, just sayin’), some people in our sphere have been wondering aloud, “does she have any tips for organizing our sex toys?”

Our answer: “Probably not.” However, we have come up with a solution that we’re very happy with!

In all of its glory

Honestly, decorating this felt like decorating a Christmas tree, I was so giddy to pull out and see how much stuff we have. It’s certainly way more convenient than digging through drawers and shelves, as organized as they generally were

Here’s a key to all of our stuff. Yes, we do have more, but this puts the majorly used (and some less-used but that we didn’t want to forget we had) immediately at hand—this wall is right next to the bed.

So, we had the idea we wanted to do this, but hunting online for these wire grid racks online was turning up stuff that was either entirely too small, or entirely too expensive. We sought out and found a store that has supplies for…stores, I guess. And these were like, four dollars a pop and the attachement hooks and baskets were generally a dollar or less.

Obviously, you have to anchor these very well into the wall, but the spacers in the back make adding hooks (we also just had a bunch of S-hooks laying around, it so happens) and other attachments really easy.

Unfortunately, the store we picked these up at doesn’t have an online store (and it seemed a little seedy, honestly), so we can’t link you to where we found these. However, you can search out used store supplies in your own area and hopefully come up with as good a deal!