Our Toy Wall

What with all this Marie Kondo hype (we’ve known about her for years, just sayin’), some people in our sphere have been wondering aloud, “does she have any tips for organizing our sex toys?”

Our answer: “Probably not.” However, we have come up with a solution that we’re very happy with!

In all of its glory

Honestly, decorating this felt like decorating a Christmas tree, I was so giddy to pull out and see how much stuff we have. It’s certainly way more convenient than digging through drawers and shelves, as organized as they generally were

Here’s a key to all of our stuff. Yes, we do have more, but this puts the majorly used (and some less-used but that we didn’t want to forget we had) immediately at hand—this wall is right next to the bed.

So, we had the idea we wanted to do this, but hunting online for these wire grid racks online was turning up stuff that was either entirely too small, or entirely too expensive. We sought out and found a store that has supplies for…stores, I guess. And these were like, four dollars a pop and the attachement hooks and baskets were generally a dollar or less.

Obviously, you have to anchor these very well into the wall, but the spacers in the back make adding hooks (we also just had a bunch of S-hooks laying around, it so happens) and other attachments really easy.

Unfortunately, the store we picked these up at doesn’t have an online store (and it seemed a little seedy, honestly), so we can’t link you to where we found these. However, you can search out used store supplies in your own area and hopefully come up with as good a deal!

One thought on “Our Toy Wall

  1. Michael Whippet says:

    The product above is commonly referred to as ‘grid wall’, and searching for it locally at ‘store fixtures supply house’s or on Craigslist should be fruitful. Note that gridwall is available in a variety of sizes and usually a few different colors.

    Another option is ‘slat wall’, also available at store fixture supply houses. Slat wall is available in a variety of materials (i.e. MDF, plastic) including some which are very pretty. However, it can be rather heavy and have limited holding capacity. It often comes in 4’x8′ sheets.

    If you make it to a store fixtures supply house, be sure to browse, as they often have pervertables including a variety of clamps.

    One final option is high end pegboard (and accessories) made by Wall Control, which is powder coated metal available in a numerous colors – available directly from their website (wallcontrol.com) as well as at Amazon.com

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